Andy Petrusevics Visual Artist

 Music Video 

Beddazled - Mitzie - Andy P 2008 (with Eva P)
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Ants in the coffee - Andy P 2016
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Putin on the Tophat - Andy P 2017
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BEGIN THE BEGUINE dur 3.34 2019. Animated movie clip containing a collection of Australian Politicians and energy company CEO's from the last 20 years, forming the "Australian Political Influence Orchestra", with emphasis on the Energy debate. Performance artist Andy Petrusevics has animated the clip and sung the song, originally written by Cole Porter.

GERALD dur 3.32 mins 2015

A clip for the song GERALD, written about an Adelaide identity spotted walking through a pub and out again. Onscreen talent includes Tanya and her daughters, Sophie Corso and Dr Andy Warhola, song written on an ipad and video filmed at Seacliff.


CASTRO IN CUBA dur 2.15 1987

The song was released on a cassette demo called NOW CHECK YOUR ANSWERS, featuring the voice of Bob Santamaria recorded with a mic from the TV, with "agitprop' video shot in my studio on the first floor at Floor 2 on Frome Rd with Gaby Brown and Grant Petrusevics. 


HEY BUDDY dur 1.16 1987

This Busstops lineup features Grant Petrusevics on lead guitar, Chris Reynolds on drums, Gaby Brown on vocals and Andy Petrusevics on keyboards and vocal, recorded at Club Foote with the Agitprop Canberra Bus, performing HEY BUDDY, written about Bob Hawke.